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Elaine Brasseaux, Broker/Owner


It is impossible to fully express how much I appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and over-all professionalism. You made everything look so easy! 

Eileen H., Sunnyvale 

You are the best!!!!!! Couldn't have done it without you. 

Susan G., Los Altos 

Thank you so much for your strength, wisdom, professionalism, and persistence. It certainly takes an exacting person to handle the many, many details of selling apartment houses. You will be the only one we call every time. 

Jean C., Los Altos 

You handled everything beautifully. We are so glad we chose to go with you. 

Patrick G., Los Altos 

Managing the property for several years to getting it ready to market, you did it all for us. We are so grateful. 

Steve L., Mountain View 

I cannot say enough good things about you. You are the only Realtor anyone should use! 

Rowena M., Sunnyvale 

Your marketing plan and staging of our home brought a tremendous turn out, multiple offers, and a fast sale well above the asking price. Thank you again for all you did for us. 

Dorothy N., Mountain View 

Thank you for helping us with two sales and one purchase. We will always use you as our Realtor. 

Gail W., Sunnyvale 

We appreciate everything you did for us in selling our home. You communicated to us almost daily. You are the cream and cream always rises to the top. 

Cameron M., Los Altos 

If you want to sell your home quickly, painlessly, and profitably, then Elaine Brasseaux should be your Realtor. 

Roger H., Los Altos 

To anyone wishing to sell their home, I would recommend you without reservation. 

David H., Mountain View 

The preparations prior to the tour and open house made all the difference and the actual sale process relatively effortless. 

Donald H., Mountain View 

She is very straight forward, professional, and knowledgeable as well as caring, sensitive and creative in her approach. She was "there” for us in so many ways. We are very grateful. 

Cecilie H., Los Altos 

Thank you for your professional counseling and assistance. You never hesitated to go the extra mile for us. You are so organized. You kept us calm. 

Don C., Los Altos 

Thank you for guiding us so expertly through our recent move. You were always available. Together we were a team. 

Carole K., Mountain View 

I truly appreciate your professional expertise and especially your keeping me informed every step of the way. I would be happy to recommend you enthusiastically. 

Rev. M., Mountain View 

You delivered as you said you would. You were thorough with every detail from inspection reports to hiring a gardener. You were always there. You are a true professional. 

Roxanna S., Los Altos 

Thank you for your dedication and professionalism. I believe all real estate agents should take lessons from you. What an excellent job! 

Leslie F., Los Altos 

I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. I greatly appreciated your expertise. You knew how to negotiate. You did everything for us. 

Maria I., Mountain View 

We appreciate your care and concern to the details of our transaction. We promise to give you a five-star recommendation whenever we are asked about your abilities. 

John K., Los Altos 

I am sure that no one else could have done this job as well as you did and for that I will always hold you in the highest regard. 

Liz H., Los Altos 

I want to show my appreciation for your invaluable help before, during, and after the sale of my house. Your knowledge, efficiency, and daily support gave me a lot of confidence. 

Nettie H., Los Altos 

I knew from Day 1 I had made the right decision in choosing you as our Realtor. Your high level of professionalism, expertise, negotiating, and people skills were evident every step of the way. 

Kathleen B., Los Altos 

If you want the job done right, hire Elaine Brasseaux. You succeeded turning an extremely stressful situation into an almost painless event. 

Marlene G., Los Altos 

What can we say, but WOW. You are tops with us. You were prepared. You handled issues competently. You negotiated problems. You did everything well. Your marketing was the best. 

Tom C., Los Altos 

It is hard for senior citizens to sell their home. You understood us. You continued to impress us with your skills. You handled the multiple offers. You handled the Buyer, who cried. We wish we had another home to sell! 

Bob C., Los Altos 

Divorce is difficult! We think she did an outstanding job working with both of us. She did exactly what she said she would do. We even had a lot of laughs. 

Jim W., Mountain View 

We feel you made an outstanding effort to sell our home. Your never ending drive to insure our best interest was protected at all times afforded us peace of mind. You faced challenges that only a true professional like yourself could handle. In our eyes you are the best performing Realtor in the Bay Area. 

Richard A., Los Altos 

Your personal performance was commendable. I always felt I was dealing with a true dedicated professional who knew her business and was truly working for me. You are a class act and have a client for life in me. 

Doug S., Mountain View 

She handled herself with such authority and confidence that it gave me confidence during a difficult time. Your attitude made me feel like I had a friend helping me, and that was very important. I would recommend you as the cream of the Realtors. 

George Z., Sunnyvale 

We have nothing but the highest praise for Elaine. Her attention to the most minute detail was unremitting. Working with elderly sellers and a short escrow, she had the highest level of professionalism. 

Joseph H., Los Altos 

I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine to anyone preparing to engage in a real estate transaction. I am confident that the results will be both productive and pleasant. 

Jason B., Los Altos 

I applaud Elaine for her hard work and knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is positive, aggressive, and always worked hard for us. 

Dana W., Mountain View 

It was clear from the beginning you possessed a rare gift for putting yourself into your client's shoes. You listened without pressuring me. Very simply, you are the smartest, the nicest, and the funniest... the best Realtor. 

Rowena M., Sunnyvale 

Elaine represented us in two sales and one purchase. In each case she demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the market, solid professional demeanor, tenacity, aggressiveness, and effort well beyond any expectation. 

Stephen C., Los Altos Hills 

We are extremely pleased with the service you provided us during the sale of our home. You were extremely patient with all our questions and concerns and sensitive to the emotional aspects of selling and moving. We will continue to recommend you. 

Nonie H., Los Altos 

The most outstanding aspect of your help came after the offer was accepted. The negotiation of the price and repairs was invaluable to us. As problems arose, you handled them and brought them to successful resolution. We really felt we had a knowledgeable friend in you. 

Dick I., Los Altos 

Here is our appreciation for your diligent and professional efforts in marketing and sale of our home. You dealt with the transaction smoothly and with efficiency that only someone with your years of experience could have done. We will continue to recommend you. 

Margaret L, Los Altos Hills


My conclusion is that you were more professional and had a greater degree of technical expertise than the other brokers I had been dealing with. You did a superior job marketing, responding to offers, and handling the details of the escrow. I applaud you. 

Anthony I., Los Altos Hills 

We chose you to represent us because we thought you would do the best job and we have at all times been happy with that decision. You certainly were the right one for us! 

Ken L., Los Altos 

Thank you for all your help. Your advice and professionalism were clearly a major factor in our success. 

James S., San Jose 

Beyond your skill and your high standards of conduct, you made me feel at all times that you were a friend. You are a credit to your profession. I would unhesitatingly recommend you. 

Charles McI., Sunnyvale